Graduating from Liverpool Hope

Graduating at the Metropolitan Cathedral with my mum next to me, in a country we never dreamed of going to, with a distinction in a course I never thought I would be able to enrol in, having had a year I could have never even conceived, was a completely surreal experience.

After losing my father at the start of my final year of my undergraduate degree, my future had seemed rather bleak, as I had not prepared in any way for the steps ahead, having assumed I would need to take time off to take care of him. Studying abroad wasn’t even an option I had considered as it didn’t seem feasible in any way given our situation, but my Math teacher recommended me for a scholarship that truly changed everything.

Though I was sceptical given the extremely short amount of time I had to apply for it, my mother pushed me to go for it, telling me that she felt it was something my father had sent for me in reply to her prayers for me. Seven months later, I was ready to start a new journey in Liverpool, pursuing my Masters with a scholarship from the British Council India which covered 90% of my tuition, and additional support from Liverpool Hope, which covered the rest of my tuition and provided me with accommodation for the duration of my course.

The scholarship focused specifically on women pursuing STEM subjects, and through the year I was able to broaden my skill set into areas that I was previously unaware of, strengthening the theoretical base I had through my undergraduate degree. Alongside this, the opportunities I had to gain experience through HopeWorks was truly priceless, not only allowing me to learn a great deal, but also giving me the chance to spend time with the wonderful administrative staff who really helped me make the most of my experience at Hope.

With the support of my family, and the many people across Hope who made me feel at home – from the International Hub and the Chaplaincy to my tutors and those I worked with, I was able to complete my dissertation on a topic that has been my greatest interest for as long as I can remember.

When my mother, who along with my father has given up so much and worked so hard for me to be where I am today, hugged me after the graduation ceremony and told me how proud she was, and how she knew my dad was just as proud of me, it made me realise just how far I’ve come, and I only have Hope to thank for that.

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