What is Nightline?

Nightline is wonderful service, that is run by students for students.

The team are there to listen and provide information to all Hope students, whether you’re based at Hope Park, Creative Campus, Aigburth Park, or are a non-residential student.

Nightline focuses on five key principles:

Confidential: Complete confidentiality is upheld at all times. Any conversations won’t be shared beyond you and the volunteers, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

–  Anonymous: You will stay completely anonymous, as will the volunteers. You won’t even feel pressured to tell them your name!

Non-advisory: The Nightline team are there to listen absolutely anything, and definitely won’t tell you what to do.

Non-directive: The volunteers will encourage you to talk freely, about whatever subject that you want. They won’t try to steer the conversation.

Non-judgmental: You will always be listened to, and you’ll never be made to feel like you’re being judged. Remember, it’s okay not to be okay.

What can I talk about?

You can talk about absolutely anything. It may be something simple like a local taxi number, or it may be that you’re struggling with academic or personal issues. No message is too big or too small.

When is it available?

Nightline is open every Friday – Sunday, 10pm – 2am, during term time.

How do I contact them?

At the moment, you can contact the Nightline team via Instant Message. Once it’s safe to do so, phone lines will be back up and running. Click here to contact Nightline.

If you want need to speak to someone outside of these hours, Hope students should contact Student Development and Wellbeing for the most local support services, or reach out to your Senior Resident Tutor. You can also contact Samaritans by calling 116 123, this is a this is a free, 24 hour listening service.

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