The social life at Hope

One of the advantages to Hope being a smaller university is it is so easy to make friends, even just walking between lessons people will always stop and say hello. The campus itself is also well designed for socialising between lessons with beautiful outside space, often used by students in the summer months for picnics. There are also designated seating areas inside to have a chat on both campuses. Something my friends and I enjoy is going to one of the onsite cafes between lessons, you’re never too far away from a hot chocolate!

I always consider Hope to be a very social university with a wide range of events going on throughout the year, for all kinds of interests. The student union often host events to match the season, such as the Christmas light switch on, where a local celebrity is invited to turn on the lights around campus. A personal favourite of mine is pumpkin carving in Our Place, the student bar. I have been to various events in our place such as bingo and karaoke, however it’s also nice to go when there are no events on just to play pool with my friends or have something to eat. There’s also a great atmosphere when there’s a big football match on.

Hope Park Chaplaincy is also a good spot for food such as the £1 lunch offered once a week. What’s not to love about a jacket potato with your friends for £1? Other days of the week it’s more of a quieter space to enjoy your own food and has access to a microwave for students to use. During fresher’s week there is even free food available.

Throughout the year at the Capstone Theatre, based on the Creative Campus, there are a wide variety of events from student performances to outsourced performers. These events are always open to students and can make for an enjoyable evening as well as an opportunity to support your friends and their talents.

During my time at Hope being part of a sports team has enabled me to make so many friends and experience new things. A key reason why I think societies and sports teams are an excellent way to socialise are you know that everyone in that society has at least one common interest and you often find they have many more. All societies and sports teams regularly meet up to either train or spend time doing other activities together, but they also take part in socials. Socials can take a range of forms from meals out to themed nights out or even movie nights in. Many societies offer socials that are open to all students, which is a fun way to meet people without the commitment. A popular example of this is some societies host an Easter egg hunt around the campus.

Something that I love about Hope is there is something for everyone no matter what your interests are.

Katie Stevenson.

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