Studying at Hope

Hello! My name is Chloe Russell, I’m in my final year studying Primary Education with QTS (5-11), specialising in SEND.

I chose to come to Hope as I really loved Liverpool in general. I went to many Open Days and Applicant Days and I found that the city was lovely and the uni itself was very friendly. As you can guess, I am now a student for those reasons!

I imagine studying at Liverpool Hope is like studying at any university; you have tutorials, seminars and lectures etc. But from my experience, the tutors are very friendly with plenty of contact-hours. Also, they literally email back to me so quickly with support and feedback, which I find very comforting as I become stressed very easily.

Whilst studying on my course, I’ve got involved with a range of different workshops. I have lectures which are large informative sessions that are normally an hour, tutorial sessions are more personable, and seminars they are more subject specific sessions. I enjoy seminars the most as we do a lot of active work. Like in Art, we learned how to make a raincoat for a teddy bear (It was pretty cute – showed us how to do it in a class so it was related to my course, ha!)

During my first and second year I used the facilities at Hope Park so much for so many different things. The library has an amazing education section for props and resources for teaching. I also used private study rooms a lot for first year because I needed to focus. I also found the group study rooms brilliant to use when I involved in a group project – we could sit and do the work as and when we wanted. In the Gateway Building there are computers you can access 24/7 (the library isn’t 24/7 all year round), which meant when I was on placement I could go and use the computers and printers late at night.

Now I’ll let you know more about the fun aspects to studying at Hope. There’s a gym and a large sports hall with other football/rugby pitches (which can be used by anyone, not just sports students!) but the gym is a great place to exercise and get away from studying. I find myself going to the cafes a lot to sit and do any work with my laptop. We have a Costa, Starbucks, a student bar called Our Place, canteen and a couple of other general cafes. I really enjoy sitting in those because it means I can do work and occasionally people will come in from my course and we can sit and chat about work and study together when we can.

In my first and third year of the course I found writing assignments a little difficult and I initially struggled to get improvements on my grades. I reached out to the writing mentor service and received loads of useful tips on how to complete assignments easier, and some writing tips with different types of assignments.

Hope this blog post helps you with finding the right university for you.
Chloe x

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