The benefits of studying at a campus based university

Living on campus or staying at home may be a decision that you can only make once you’ve visited a university. However, if you haven’t had a chance to visit any yet (especially due to the current Covid-19 circumstances) I thought I’d share my thoughts about the many benefits of studying at a campus based uni.

Campus universities can feel very homely, as everything you need is normally on your doorstep. For example, onsite launderettes, restaurants, bars, a library, a gym and other sports facilities are all within touching distance. This may benefit students who have moved away from home and want a sense of community but also, super convenient for those who don’t want to walk too far for the essentials.

At Hope, we have Senior Resident Tutors who live in their own apartments in the halls and are there for your after hours support. They also organise movie nights, dining in nights and free pizza nights. As well as free food every now and again, Hope organises Gala dinner’s for the residents, where students have an opportunity to meet other students on site and get a fancy 3 course meal for free! Be sure to grab your free wine before you head on down to karaoke in ‘Our Place’ our student bar on campus.

Although there are a lot of student nights in the city, a lot of universities will organise their own student events on campus, so it can be easier for you to interact.

As well as being able to roll up to 9am lectures, living on campus allows you to further your independence. If you haven’t already, you will be able to learn how to cook and clean for yourself, as well as how to live with new people who are equally in the same boat as you.

Ultimately, it comes down to preference and what kind of university experience you want. You may enjoy travelling to and from campuses, allowing yourself to explore and soak up some more culture or having the benefits of facilities that are on your doorstep.

Ashley, Graduate Advocate

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