A Covid-19 blog 

Hello, my name is Emma and I am a mature student. I am a first-year student, currently studying Education and Special Educational Needs.

I gave up my career last year, to return to university in order to gain a degree, which would allow me to better myself and improve my chances of securing a higher level in my chosen field of employment.

Then, Covid-19 happened and life has been turned upside down and inside out for all of us!

For me, I found the first few days away from university life, very stressful. I was missing my friends, my tutors and the hustle and bustle of Hope.

I have sought out ways in which to cope with the lockdown. I have joined the online chat groups, with my friends and tutors. This is a great way, to keep in touch, keep life fairly normal and have some fun too! The other thing I do, is to maintain contact with family and friends. The use of social media, Skype and WhatsApp allows me to feel close, even though I’m not!

By staying in contact with my university life, I feel like I’m engaging with my studies and maintaining my learning. It would be easy to disconnect but, at some point, I know I will be back at Hope full time and for me, I need to maintain my university life and try to keep it as normal as possible.

Stay indoors, stay safe, Save lives!

Emma Baker

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