Run through the decade

My name is Charlotte McCrea and I am a student currently studying psychology at University. Even though I am fascinated by how the brain works and how individuals behave, I have recently taken a feel for running. I was never a sporty kid and always looked a little podgy, which isn’t a complaint because I loved my food (and I still do). However, as I started to get older I felt like I needed something. People I knew were playing sports and I didn’t really pick up one, so I started taking up the gym and training weights. I couldn’t figure it out though because I wanted a buzz, but weights never hit the spot. I wanted something where I could work really hard and feel really good after.

A few years ago, my Aunty passed away from Cancer and I wanted to make a difference because I knew it wasn’t just my family that experience this heartbreak. 1 in 3 people die from cancer every year which is a life-changing statistic. It gave me a push to make a change. I entered into the 5k Race For Life and raised over £100, which seemed a challenge but raising money to change someone’s life for the better always stuck in the back of my head. I then moved on to 10k’s and raised even more money for Cancer Research UK. Sadly, not too many years after, my Gran also passed away from the cause which was also devastating. From then, I’ve continued to do Race For Life’s so as much money as possible can be raised for such an amazing cause. Sadly I’ve known many more that have passed from cancer, so more and more money needs to be raised. The research has room for improvement, to find better treatments etc for patients.

It then hit me that 10k isn’t the longest distance you can run for charity. I researched it and found half marathons as a good ‘in-between’ stage, between a 10k and a full marathon. The first one I completed was at Grantham, then Lancaster and then recently I completed one at Heaton Park in Manchester. As well as having the passion to raise money for charity, I’ve also grown a pretty big passion for running.

Now, I’ve done three half marathons and intend to do a few more. I would also like to do the London Marathon!

And that’s my little story on how I started running. I thought I’d share it because sometimes everyone needs that motivation to go for that run or to do that workout, or to do anything! In 2010 I hated doing exercise, and now in 2020 I find it something I look forward to. It’s completely down to mindset and just gradually working your way up to where you want to be. Even though I do not have the long-legged runners build, it’s still possible!

You can do absolutely anything you set your mind to!

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