8 ways you can save the planet

One of the things that we’re hearing a lot about in the media recently is climate change. Evidence is showing that global temperatures are rising at a level that just isn’t sustainable for the environment, and sadly it’s because of human activity. Yes, it does sound scary and you may be wondering what you can do to help. So, here’s 10 simple ways to be eco-friendlier.


Putting the right thing in the right bin sounds pretty straight forward, but you’d be surprised at the amount of people that don’t do this. Putting non-recyclable stuff in the wrong bin can actually be worse for the environment, as the bin is often treated as general waste. More information can be found here.


2. Reuse

Plastic bags aren’t easily decomposable, and can actually take anything from 15 to 1,000 years to break down! Reusing plastic bags is a simple way for you to help protect the environment and is something that you can do every time you shop. So, store them in a draw at home and remember to take them out with you!


3. Reduce

Reducing waste can be anything from cutting down on plastic, only buying food that you’re going to eat, or even putting an extra layer on before turning on the heating. As a student, another simple way to reduce waste is to cut down on the amount of paper that you use. Instead of using a notepad, can you take notes on a laptop or tablet? Can you only print if necessary, and if so can you print double sided?


4. Turn it off

Switching off electrical appliances when you’re not using them can really help to reduce your energy waste. So, before you leave the room or before you go to sleep switch off your laptop, phone charger, light, or any other electrical appliance.


5. Refill

Carry a water bottle and refill it every time you need a drink, this massively helps to reduce your plastic consumption. There’s lots of water stations around campus for you to refill your bottle, including Fresh Hope, LTC Foyer, EDEN café, Hope Park Sports, etc. You can even use a reusable mug such as the University’s Keep Cup instead of buying a takeaway cup.


6. Travel responsibly

One of the most efficient ways of lowering your environmental footprint is by travelling responsibly. This basically means trying to choose a more sustainable way to get from A to B, like walking or cycling for example. You can also make use of the University’s shuttle bus and local bus service to reduce your reliance on the car.


7. Save water

If you’re a fan of baths, can you swap them for showers instead? If you already prefer showers try to have shorter ones, or only turn the water on as you’re about to step in.


8. Use your voice

Finally, it’s time to use your voice. Spread the word about climate change to your friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who will listen! Climate change is a real thing and it’s time to act now.

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