5 reasons why you should join a club or a society

University is often one of the best experiences in a person’s life. Not only do you have the chance to learn and progress in your chosen field, but you’ll also meet some amazing people and you’ll grow as a person. There’s so much more to university than just studying, so whether you’re a first or a third year, joining a club or society can really make your experience unforgettable. If we haven’t already convinced you here’s 5 reasons why you should join one…

1. The social life

A huge part of being a member of a club or society is the social element. You’ll have so many opportunities to bond with people who share common interests, and before you know it you’ll be life-long friends! From weekly meetings and fixtures to end of term tours, being a member will bring about countless social events.


2. Follow a passion

Joining a club or society is not only a fantastic opportunity for you to pursue and develop your current hobby, but it’s also a perfect way for you to discover new hobbies and interests.

Did you also know that you can create your own society? Yep you read that right! All you need to do is find 7 students who’re interested in your idea and submit this form. Creating a society would look amazing on your CV and it really says a lot about your organisational and leadership skills.

But don’t forget your life doesn’t pause when you go to university, so remember to follow your passion and do what makes you tick.


3. Healthy lifestyle

A healthy body is a healthy mind, and joining a club or society can really help you to achieve this. From exercising, to eating well to looking after your mental health, clubs and societies promote a healthy lifestyle and are always there to support you.

Mens Basketball v LJM University

4. Opportunity to network

Lots of societies regularly run events where you’ll often find yourself mixing with potential employers. It may nerve-wracking at first but this really is a fantastic opportunity, and a great way to introduce yourself to potential employers.


5. Extra-Curricular

Being part of a society or club really does look good on your CV, and it can often set you apart from the crowd. Not everyone can get a degree while being a member of a club/society. The list of skills that you’ll acquire are endless. From teamwork, to event planning, to time management, these key life sills will really help you to stand out. So make sure you play an active part in your society and you can start to work towards that dream job!



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