Freshers as a second year


Today, I moved in to my new flat. I am going into my second year at Liverpool Hope, studying Primary Education. I am living in Aigburth Park this year with three of my friends. Coming from Leeds, it took me two and a half hours when it usually takes half that time – the motorway was shut because it was raining so heavily! I unpacked all of my things (after carrying it up 4 flights of stairs) and my room started to feel more homely. I’ve put lots of photos up and I have a shelf filled with all of my favourite things. Most people go out on the first night of university, but me and my friends decided to stay in and try the local Chinese takeaway and have an early night; after all, all the trips from the car to my room was very tiring! The Chinese was a lovely end to my first day of second year.



Today me and my friend Alice decided to go into Liverpool. We got the train from St Michael’s to Liverpool Central, and it only cost me £2.30 for a return ticket as I have a railcard. St Michael’s station was not even a five minute walk away, and it only took us 6 minutes to get into town! I bought some clothes and shoes for my new job (all will be revealed) and a plant and some cushions for my room. It was raining so we decided to go home, and then for tea tonight we are having left-over Chinese. After that, we are going into town for the Student Fest Full Moon Party with Anton from Love Island, and I’m so excited!


Last night was really fun, but because it was a late one I didn’t wake up until midday today! I made a bacon sandwich and decided to go on a walk around my local area of Aigburth. At the top of my road there is a Tesco and a Home Bargains, and I also found the bus stop for the shuttle bus. Lark Lane is less than a five minute walk away and has lots of nice looking restaurants and cafes, so I think I’ll definitely be returning. When I went back to my flat I met my new flatmate who only moved in today. I’m just about to make a start on tea – a simple ‘create your own’ pizza tonight from Asda, and then I think it’ll be an early night to get ready for going into university tomorrow.


Today I was back in university for the first time since May last year. It was strange to be back, but even stranger to have to wake up more than 10 minutes before my classes started to be able to get there on time! As I am a second year my classes don’t start until Monday so I decided to sign up for mentoring for the first years on my course. We watched a lecture, and then helped to answer any questions during a seminar. A lot of students seemed to find this useful as they could ask us things that they didn’t want to ask their tutors, or ask us things about general uni life. We also joined them for lunch in Our Place so that if they thought of any more questions we would be there on hand. In the evening I made a chicken curry for my tea, and me and Alice decided to go to a pub on Lark Lane after, that we had found the day before. They had live music on and even board games for people to play! It was a great night.


I was mentoring the first years again today. I sat through another lecture and found it a good opportunity to reflect on what I have learnt over the past year. Then I took a group to the library so that they could have their ‘treasure hunt’. There was a Vintage Clothing Sale in the LCT building so I had a browse of the clothes, and then during the evening me and my friends decided to go to Quids In at Level (although non of us were drinking!)


My flatmates and I had planned to go to Fresher’s Fair but because we were out late the night before we slept through! I was starting my new job at 5, which is why I didn’t drink last night. I applied to be a Catering Assistant through HopeWorks, the university’s job portal, and I got the job. My first shift was today in Our Place. I was supposed to be going Big Shop Bingo but instead I was working it, so I still got to experience the atmosphere from it (and got paid to do so!) I used to work in a bar and really liked it, but I left when I moved to Liverpool, so I really enjoyed being back behind the bar again. I feel more ready for my next shifts now, and a lot less nervous now that I have met some people!


Today I was asked if I could come into university again to do a ‘question and answer’ session with the first years. It was very interesting to see what questions they all had, and it was nice to be able to have a chat with them and see what they thought of their first week here at Hope. It was also a good point of reflection for myself because I was in their shoes this time last year and have learnt so much! Tonight me and Alice are going to High School Musical night at the O2 Academy and we are both really excited, it’s something very different to a normal night out but hopefully different in a good way!


So today is the last official day of Freshers’ Week for me (I’m working all day tomorrow). All I’ve got planned for today is to go shopping! I used to shop at Aldi but Aldi is a bus ride away for me so by the time I have spent £4 on a bus ticket I realised it was probably cheaper (and quicker) for me to just go to the Tesco up the road. Me and Alice did a joint shop and it only came to £30 for both of us for the week. For tea tonight we are having Hunter’s Chicken (P.S it is really easy to make) and then having an early night as I start work at 11 tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed your Fresher’s Week experience and enjoyed reading about mine! First week of second year starts for me on Monday and good luck for everyone else who is starting, for now and for the rest of the year.

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