Starting University: moving in to halls and Freshers Week

I’m currently a second year Psychology student at Liverpool Hope, and when I started university I lived in halls for my first year.

Moving in

When you first move into your room it’s going to feel like freedom, but once you’ve settled in you might want to think about making it feel a bit more homely. Think about adding some photos or bits that remind you of your friends or of home.

I personally had an en-suite room and lived in Teresa Hall. I have OCD, so having my own bathroom meant I could clean to my heart’s content, but I know lots of people were completely happy sharing facilities with their flatmates.

For the first few days, it might be worth keeping your room door open, as it’s often the easiest way for people to pop their heads in and have an awkward ‘hi’ conversation. Relish in those awkward chats because in years to come you’ll look back at the awkward chat and laugh about it! I used to love eating pancakes with my flatmates and just getting to know everyone. Just do whatever works for you!


Freshers Week

Ah Freshers Week… I definitely feel like I failed at this. I didn’t buy the Freshers wristband because I didn’t want to waste money by not going. If you’re thinking the same as I was don’t worry, the clubs often cost no more than £3 to get in and there’s not normally a queue if you go before midnight. But if you are looking to buy a wristband, you can pick one up on the SU website. I only went out twice because I felt a bit awkward, so I feel like I failed a bit at Freshers Week. If you’re a bit like I was, I would recommend going out or at least going to pre-drinks, you don’t have to drink but it’s good to meet people and dance! The atmosphere when you’re out is amazing, and you wouldn’t want to miss it!

giphy (1).gif

Most of the time everyone went to each other’s flats for pre-drinks or to just hang out. This was such an easy way to chat with people and to make friends. Add people on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram as it’s easier to keep in touch!

During Freshers Week you’ll have some classes and this is a great opportunity to make sure you’ve picked the right course, I changed my course in the second week and never looked back! These classes also help you to bond with people and to get to know them. Remember that everyone’s nervous and are looking to make friends.

giphy (2)

Another rite of passage is the Freshers Fair. This is good for picking up free Domino’s and signing up to societies. I personally didn’t sign up to any due to other commitments, and I definitely regret it. If you can, I would recommend applying to as many as you can to see what you like and what you don’t like.

So, despite the hectic life in that first week, whatever you do just enjoy it. Uni is a completely unique experience and I really hope that you love it. Experience everything you can, because first year goes way too fast.

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