My favourite places on campus…

Liverpool Hope has beautiful campuses, and there’s lots of lovely places where you can sit and relax. Here are a few of my favourites…

1) The Sheppard-Warlock Library
Studying in the library really helps me to focus and I love that there are lots of places to study – either on your own, in a group, in a quiet room or with a bit of noise. Lots of the study spaces also have nice views, which is a bonus!


2) The Eden Building
Throughout my time here at Hope, the majority of my classes have been in the Eden Building. I feel really comfortable here, and one of my favourite places are the pods on the first floor. They’re great for chilling between classes and to relax with my friends.


3) The Gateway Building
Another one of my favourite places to study is the Gateway Building. I like this because, like the library, it has lovely views, this time of the fountain. I especially like it in the summer, but at Christmas time it’s beautiful!


4) Our Place
The next place on my list is Our Place. I love going here with my friends and there’s always loads of events put on in the evenings, such as Big Shop Bingo! The food there is also good, and a treat for when I finish an assignment. It’s the perfect environment to hang out with your friends and make memories!

_AH_our place- glover & company design 25-10-12 _43_.jpg

5) Outside the Health Sciences Building
Last but not least is the Health Sciences Building. There’s a lovely seating area by the fountains and it’s just perfect if you want a quiet read or you want to soak up the sun in the summer.

health sciences

By Rosie Booth.

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