A day in the life of a Student Ambassador

I’m Rosie, I’m a 3rd year student studying Disability Studies and I’ve been a Student Ambassador for about 6 months now. This is a day in the life of me on an Open Day.

My day starts with a team briefing, which starts the day off right as it gives me a chance to catch up with everyone. In the briefing we’re told some key things about what’s happening that day such as what time we are likely to finish, where we’re needed to be throughout the day, and if it is expected to be busy, which Open Days usually are. After the briefing we all go and get our red polo-shirts or jackets and are given our name badges before going to our designated areas.

There are a variety of tasks involved in an Open Day shift, such as campus and accommodation tours, and engaging with visitors. One of my main tasks is to welcome and direct visitors to the relevant places, which I really enjoy doing. Often the visitors have many questions and if I don’t know the answer, I always try to direct them to another Student Ambassador who does. I try my best to be positive and also honest as this is always important when talking to perspective students.

As a wheelchair user I often get asked about accessibility, both on campus around the local area, and also about life as a disabled student at Hope. These are often some of my favourite questions as it allows me to share some of my personal experiences and also give advice to prospective disabled students. This is something that I’m passionate about sharing and I hope it encourages more disabled people to come to university in the future.

But, having said all of that, my absolute favourite part of being a Student Ambassador is leading a campus tour. They’re often with small groups of people and as they last for around 30-45 minutes, it gives me a chance to get to know the students and find out what they’re wanting to study. This then allows me to tailor the tours so it’s much more relevant to the group’s interests.

Shifts for Open Days can be long but they’re always enjoyable, and when I finish I’m always looking forward to my next one!

So that is a day in the life of me as a Student Ambassador working on an Open Day.

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