5 ways to make your uni room feel like home

Moving away to university can be a really exciting time, but for some of us it can be quite scary. But don’t worry, those feelings of unease are completely normal and you are not alone! Adjusting to a new academic routine is one thing, but when you add that to a house move it’s a whole new story. So, to help you settle in, we’ve put together a handy guide to make your room feel more homely.

  1. Unpack

Yes, it probably is the last thing you want to think about when you first arrive on campus and the excitement of meeting your flatmates far outweigh the need to unpack. BUT, unpacking your stuff can really help you to settle in and make your room really feel like home. It’ll probably be quicker than you think!

  1. Greenery

Never underestimate the power of a plant! Whether it’s a pretty house plant or a low maintenance cactus, a bit of greenery in your room can add a subtle burst of colour. Plants can even purify the air and can help you focus during your studies, and you definitely don’t need to be a gardening expert to have one!

  1. Personal touches

One of the great things about student accommodation is that your room will be a blank canvas and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to put your stamp on it. That means it’s time for you to print off lots of photographs of friends and family, which will not only make your room cosy, but can also cheer you up if you’re feeling homesick.

  1. Bedding/cushions

You can never have enough cushions! Picking your own bed covers and cushions can add a personal feel to your room, and after a long day of studying you’ll definitely be glad of it. Blankets and throws are also always a welcome addition for extra cosiness and warmth. Shops such as Primark, Wilko and Home Bargains have a great selection.

  1. Lighting

They may be a student cliché but fairy lights are a must for your room. They’re homely, they’re cosy and they’re cheap! Whether you want to chill and watch a film or work on your essay, fairy lights will be a brilliant addition to your room.

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