My fitness journey at Hope Park Sports: Wo-ah, we’re halfway there

IMG_20180531_204227_955Some non-fitness news to start with – today I am officially into double figures on the wedding countdown! I’m so excited, and starting to feel a bit nervous too! With 99 days to go, lots of decisions need to be made now and I’ve started booking in my hair and make-up trials which is really exciting. But one of the biggest things I’m excited about is my dress fitting, which is due in July. This means I’ve got approximately 7 more weeks to loose those extra few pounds and tone up my problem areas a bit more – eek!

With the dress fitting approaching, now seemed like a good time to give you all an update on how my fitness journey is going so far. This week has been quite a tough week for me for one reason or another, but there’s a few things that have made me smile, and they’ve all been to do with fitness! A few people have mentioned that they are enjoying reading my blog which is really lovely to hear. It’s great to know that my words are helping people in one way or another, even if it is just raising a smile on someone’s face while they read, that is good enough for me! Secondly, a few people have commented this week on how they’ve noticed my body shape has changed, and this has been so encouraging to hear!

giphy.gifI think when I first started on this journey, one of my biggest problems was unrealistic expectations. I’m the type of person who likes to see instant results, so this journey has been quite a struggle for me. Seeing myself in the mirror every day, it’s difficult to see how my body has changed. I look in the mirror and I still see a spare tyre around my waist, chunky thighs and puny arms. I focus on all the bits that I still think are “wrong” with my body, rather than focusing on the positive changes that have already happened. It’s been really lovely and encouraging to hear from other people how they can see a difference and have commented that I’m looking a bit slimmer – so thank you, your kind words mean a lot and have kept me going this week!

source.gifVisually, I’ve lost a few inches from my waistline, my stomach is a bit flatter than it was (I swear I almost saw an ab the other day when I tensed my stomach really really hard!) and my arm muscles are starting to look a bit bigger. The biggest difference I feel though is my mental well-being. When I’m exercising, I have a focus, and it’s great to be able to put all my energy into that one thing – whether that be trying to lift the bar weights a few more reps than last time, or trying to hold my plank for longer than 15 seconds, I like having a focus. When I’ve finished exercising I feel really tired, hot and ridiculously sweaty, but also really proud of myself and good about myself! I have heard that exercise releases feel-good endorphins, but I always thought this was a myth. Well, after 7 weeks of getting into shape, I can confirm that the scientists were actually right all along, and that I, the crisps addict, was wrong.

Circuits class is still my favourite way to exercise, mainly because we are like a little family and it’s been great fun lately trying out new equipment and exercises. We’ve even started doing mini competitions at the end of each session which has gone down really well! The gym is great if I want a big run on the treadmill, but I’m still a bit rubbish with all the equipment in there. I’m aiming to get better though! Classes at Hope Park Sports are winding down for the summer now, but I have vowed that when they start up again I’m going to give a few more of them a try (Cardio+, anyone?!). I’m quite competitive by nature, so anything involving sports games I am willing to give a go. Staff netball team, here I come!

Thank you as always to everyone who takes time out of their day to read my blog, I really hope it helps you to either start your own fitness journey, or get you back on your fitness journey if you’ve been a little side-tracked (Gill, I’m talking to you here!).

Next post I’ll update you on how, with the help of Hope Park Sports, I’m planning to keep fit over summer and make it to my dress fitting feeling the best I can!

Lots of love,

Amy x


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